MuscleMeds Carnivor MASS Vanilla Caramel 5.6 lbs

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The World's First Highly Anabolic all Beef Mass Builder!

Welcome to a new era in mass building supplementation with CARNIVORE MASS the fast, clean and highly anabolic mass gainer!

The days of loading your body with empty fat storing calories RE OVER. Calories don't stimulate muscle growth - anabolism does! High-speed macronutrient delivery with near-perfect insulin optimization stets CARNIVOR MASS apart from all others. As the pros know, fast protein combined with elevated insulin equals explosive muscle anabolism (growth). This is finally possible with MuscleMeds world-famous Beef Protein Isolate (BPI) acting in combination with iSpike, a dual insulin release/insulin signal amplifying technology not found in any other supplement.

Beef Protein Isolate: Beef has proven itself as a favorite anabolic protein source for many champion bodybuilders. MuscleMeds advanced hydrolyzed Beef Protein Isolate is capable of delivering rapid absorption of high concentrations of amino acids. CARNIVOR MASS provides the mass building benefits of beef "at the speed of whey," without the lactose, fat, cholesterol and other problems associated with dairy products. MuscleMeds BPI is 350% more concentrated in amino acids than steak and more concentrated than whey. And it's enhanced with 5 grams of creatine and additional BCAAs for even greater anabolic power!

iSpike is an exclusive MuscleMeds technology designed to harness the full anabolic impact of insulin. Using fast-acting, reactive-enhanced micronparticulated carbs and the novel insulin potentiators Chromium 454 (Cr454) and D-pinitol (a cyclitol), iSpike causes a rapid elevation in insulin while simultaneously amplifying insulin signaling at the muscle receptors to potentiate maximum muscle growth, glycogen replenishment and tissue regeneration. iSPIKE works so fast and is so powerful, don't be surprised if you feel the anabolic impact inside every muscle of your body within 30 minutes of your first delicious serving. This is the desired anabolic effect you want from your mass gainer and it can only be achieved with CARNIVOR MASS... the new breed mass builder from MuscleMeds!

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 4 scoops (181 g)

Servings Per Container: Approximately 14

 Amount Per Serving% Daily Value*

Calories from Fat

Total Fat1.5g2%*

Saturated Fat

Total Carbohydrate125g42%*

Dietary Fiber



Vitamin A315iu6%
Vitamin C99mg165%
Vitamin B625mg1250%
Vitamin B12400mcg6667%
Chromium (as chromium dinicotinate glycinate)200mcg167%
*Percent Daily Value are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
†Daily Value not established.
‡These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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