Nubreed Nutrition Undisputed Candy Grape

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Description INCRESES LH/GH PRODUCTION* ANTI-CRASH REGULATOR* INTENSE MENTAL FOCUS* UNRIVALED PUMP/VASCULARITY* Injected with Agmatine & N-Carbamylglutamate (NCG) Precise “CNS Neurodrive” dosages & stimulation Dominate everything/Overpower everyone UNDISPUTED™ is the most aggressive scientifically advanced preworkout designed to catapult your training sessions to a realm you never thought was possible. MIND BLOWING PUMPS, VEIN BURSTING VASCULARITY, PHENOMINAL MENTAL FOCUS & INTENSE ENERGY. UNDISPUTED™ is the foundation of living the Nubreed Athlete way of life… “YOU DON’T TRAIN TO LOSE”. *NU-DRIVE COMPLEXPrecisely dosed CNS Neurodrive stimulators without overloading you with Caffeine, allowing the stimulants to cross the blood brain barrier for maximum efficiency without overloading your system. UNDISPUTED™ addresses all aspects of stimulation, fast-acting, sustained release, and calculated dosages.Anti-crash regulator ensures you maintain the...You don’t train to lose mentality no matter how long or difficult your training session is.VASO-DRIVE ACCELERATORUNDISPUTED™ undergoes two separate micronization processes to maximize bio-availability and nitrogen uptake within the muscle fibers.Utilizing multi pathway assimilation to create the optimal environment for maximizing blood flow to the muscle cells generating mind blowing pumps, and vein bursting vascularity with only one scoop of UNDISPUTED™. This is possible because Nubreed is on the forefront of innovation with ingredients from the many years of experience in research and development.N-Carbamylglutamate (NCG) is an activator of arginine synthesis, helps prevent ammonia buildup, promoted removal and disposal of ammonia, and therefore helps enhance GH activity. Research illustrates that NCG increases arginine and Growth Hormone levels, muscle growth rate and improved muscle protein synthesis.INCREASES LH/GH PRODUCTION Agmatine Sulfate stimulates the release of hormones such as pituitary, growth hormone, and luteinizing hormone. Taking Agmatine pre-workout is a proven way to give you an athletic edge that will improve endurance, decrease recovery time, give you massive and long lasting pumps, decrease body fat, and increase overall performance. The increase in blood flow from taking Agmatine also has been shown to promote better focus and enhance your mood.


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