VPX Chain Drive RTD Exotic Fruit 16 oz 12 ct

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Chain Drive RTD 10,000mg BCAA

  • Stamina, Strength and Recovery are Enhanced!
  • Increased Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Muscle Sparing Effect!
  • Electrolyte and Hydration Matrix

Chain Drive is the latest innovation from VPX that features solubilized BCAA's, which are shown to have a superior bioavailability versus other types of BCAA's. This solubilization technology gives stability to BCAA's in a liquid solution, with No foam and No wasted powder at the bottom of your container!

BCAA's, which constitute links in a protein chain, are essential for a variety of functions, including increased muscle protein synthesis, decreased muscle soreness, and have a muscle-sparing effect on muscle tissue. They are essential for performance, endurance, and recovery. Furthermore, leucine is the most important of the BCAA's, and studies have shown that leucine can help maintain strength and improve exercise performance.

Chain Drive is a very versatile product. Consume Chain Drive prior to a fasted workout, during a workout or athletic event, or post-workout with Protein Rush or SRO Zero Carb for maximum recovery and muscle protein synthesis.

††When combined with increased exercise and a healthy diet.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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