Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Defend-Rx 45 ct

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  • Bulletproof Your Immune System for Optimal Function Support
  • Enhanced Surveillance for Foreign Invaders

Our immune system is always under attack. As we age, it becomes harder and harder for our bodies to fend off these attacks. Our bodies are equipped with a sophisticated defense system that protects against a host of potential dangers. When confronted with a perceived danger, the immune system responds by producing antibodies and several types of white blood cells that seek out and destroy it. Antibody production decreases as we age, and the immune system is less efficient in fighting off infection and destroying mutant cells. Consequently, the elderly are more susceptible to insults from foreign invaders. Maintaining a strong immune system requires control of certain lifestyle factors- managing stress, getting enough sleep, regular exercise, as well as a healthy balanced diet and supplementation that provides ample immune-enhancing nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The concept that appropriate nutrients can enhance the human immune response is known as nutritional immunology. With the discovery of vitamins and our expanded knowledge of the benefits of herbal compounds, it has become evident that essential nutrients, especially herbal extracts used for centuries in traditional medicines throughout the world, can play a critical role in supporting immune function.

Defend-Rx™ contains Illicium verum extract (star anise), shikimic acid (more commonly known as shikimate), and Hypericum perforatum extract (St. John's wort or Klamath weed). Defend-Rx™is totally unique in the world of nutraceutical immune support healthcare because its conceptual foundation is grounded in the benefits of the star anise plant and a compound extracted from star anise called shikimic acid. The use of shikimic acid in an immune support nutraceutical is a bold step into a new frontier for the dietary supplement industry. Moreover, due to the positive influence that shikimic acid appears to have in promoting a strong immune system, to significantly bolster the immune support properties offered by Defend-Rx™, Hi-Tech also supplements the Defend-Rx™ formulation with additional dosages of shikimic acid by isolating shikimic acid from star anise extract.

In recent years, it seems as though every time we turn on the television or read the newspaper we are being warned about another immune-compromising threat- some beastly little creature, visible only under a microscope, that is running rampant somewhere in the world and is predicted to invade our own backyards in the not too distant future. Fortunately, there are some select nutraceutical solutions, including Defend-Rx™, that can be used to proactively prepare ourselves.

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Servings Per Container: 45

 Amount Per Serving% Daily Value*

Proprietary Blend: Star Anise Extract, Shikimic Acid, Hypericum Perforaum (3% Hypericin (leaves)

*Percent Daily Value are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
†Daily Value not established.


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